My Story

Hey there! My name is Angela and before I tell you why I LOVE Scentsy products let me tell you a little about myself and why that love is there :)

I'm a military wife, mother, artist and designer and proud paw-rent to my two beautiful dogs, Chakita & Lehigh. As you can imagine, life gets hectic at times and with a house of boys and pets, having your home smell like your own safe-haven is important. After leaving a candle in the bathroom and scorching the wall with black-soot, I decided to make the switch and give scentsy a chance.

I first started off with the wax bars, added in some room sprays and I was hooked. There were no more candles to mess with my asthma and my home smelled like MY home. 

When transfer season came and our road trip across the country approached, I contacted my Scentsy consultant in search for some type of product I could use in the car, hotels, guest houses, etc on fabric so it didn't smell like dogs and that's when I fell head over heels for Scentsy's Odor Out fabric spray. The compliments from friends and family we had visited were great and I saw an opportunity to make these products available myself and join the Scentsy team! :)